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Creativity & Imagination Anytime Anywhere

Bubble Putty come with variety colors, you can give different colors of bubble putty to children a richer material to meet their creation. You can also try different colors of bubble putty color mixing, let the children explore the color change. Because bubble putty has good ductility, one played soft clay kneaded arbitrary shape is, you can let the children play to their imagination, bubble putty softer than the characteristics of the soft kneading process, it is a species new experience. 

All bubble putty comes with small toys, mastered the method of blowing bubbles children can try to doll wrapped into bubble, but also try to blow bubbles double or even multiple layers. Allows children to recognize different types of animals, with bubble putty mix together can also play some games scene, enrich the child's language and imagination. 

Bubble putty bring children not the same tactile experience, expect the faithful to discover and create more new games are played.


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